Easy ways to brighten a dark room

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Not every room is full of daylight. It’s nothing extraordinary. But don’t worry. There are ways to change it. We can always use artificial light and some other tricks to make a dark room much brighter.

If you want to know exactly how to do that, check the ideas below.

Why do we need more light at home?

Finding the level of lighting in a room can be a real challenge. But at the same time it can be fun.

Why do we need light in the room? Of course the crucial thing is to make it more useful. We use different parts of the apartment or of the house in a different way. In the living room we mostly spend time relaxing, having fun with the family or meeting friends. In the kitchen we prepare meals. In the cabinet room we work or study.

The lighting level in each room should be different to fit our expectations. And of course finding the perfect lighting level is essential to make our indoor life a bit easier and more comfortable.

Why is an indoor lighting level so important?

Ok. So we move into a new house and find out that some parts of it are not lightened properly. So what can we do? Someone can say: Who cares? Is it really important? The answer is: Definitely, yes. It is essential.

Perfect lightening level is important in every interior design style and in every room in the house. Because of it we can walk safely and do what we want without any troubles. The house works and our everyday duties become a bit easier.

Let’s not forget about one more thing. A proper lighting level is also good for our health. According to scientists people who live in houses where there is not enough light, often have a bad mood or even mood swings which can cause more serious health problems. What is more, perfect level of lighting can help with seasonal affective disorders (SAD).

Of course lighting can be decorative and used as an important part of interior design. And of course it makes a room really cosy.

Dark room – how to make it more people friendly?

Ok, let’s get to the point – we’ve got a dark room and we desperately want to make it brighter. What should we do? Fortunately, it’s often not so hard to change the atmosphere of the place and fill it with light. All that we need it’s just a good idea and… some tricks.

First thing – mirrors. They are really helpful. We should place it in a strategic location – close to the light sources, for example a window or a lamp. The mirror amplifies natural and artificial light and makes our room much brighter.

The second idea is to use many ambient light sources, e.g. LED light strings or spot lights. We should choose the fixtures that are made in a style connected with all our interior design. It’s a way to make the interior more functional, comfortable and beautiful.

If we need to make a room brighter, we should use mostly bright and clear colours. Transparent fixtures can be also very helpful. It refers not only to the fixtures but also to any other furniture piece that we want to use. In a dim room, a big, black sofa would be not the best idea. A light gray or beige one suits it much better and gives much more light.

What colours should we use? As we mentioned before grey and beige are very practical. Many people decide to paint the walls white and to use white furniture. It makes a room clearer, brighter and bigger. Of course we can add few, small accessories in an intensive colour.

Make a dark room cosy and beautiful

Sometimes all that we need is an idea and few elements to brighten a dark room. We should use colours and artificial lights, which can make a huge difference.

Let’s try it to finally have a bright, comfortable and beautiful room – just a perfect place to spend our time in.


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